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The Pros and Cons of Learning to Write Cursive

July 21, 2016 by Administrator
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How many of you still wonder why schools are requiring that children learn to write in cursive when we are advancing so quickly with technology, iPad and computers. Well like anything controversial, there are two sides to every coin so let’s discuss the pro’s and cons of learning cursive.

Let’s begin with the pro’s. First and foremost, once we learn to write cursive, we are able to read cursive, and hence able to read historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence. I guess this would be a great skill for those seeking to advance into legal fields.
1. Cursive is believed to be a faster way of writing although I do not think many will agree with this.
2. Internet plagiarism has increased with the use of computers and the ability to copy and paste, so traditional teachers are preferring the in-class writing assignments
3. A 2010 study by the Carnegie Corporation of New York reported that reading skills can improve faster when children write the words they are learning to read.

Now let’s review the con’s.
1. Like calligraphy, we are past cursive writing and things can be done easily and quicker on computers.
2. Writing is more a functional exercise so students should be able to do it the way they choose and not be told the style of writing to follow.
3. Many students take a longer time writing in cursive and this only adds more frustration to the endless amount of homework they already have.

4. We need to prepare children for the future which is using technology and curve is not necessarily anything useful other than reading old documents.

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