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Ask Ms Rennu

Ms Rennu is available to answer questions related to education and children. Parents and students are welcome to send in questions or post their comments and opinions to other questions asked. The secret to success lies in one's ability to be able to express your views clearly, whilst also appreciating another person's view. You may not agree with the thought but you can appreciate their views.


Parent’s Testimonials

"SHE LOVES LISTENING TO STORIES AT YOUR WEBSITE - For last three days, Prati is having so much fun visiting your websites and listening to your stories. She wanted to tell us the full story of The Ant and the Dove and we thought we would record the whole story as she tells it. We did it and it turned out to be really good. She loves to listen to her recorded voice. We really noticed the great impact of letting her use a microphone :). We have notice so much improvement in less than 1 week with your curriculum. Thank you."
Pranav and Teena Mehta, San Jose CA
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The Pros and Cons of Learning to Write Cursive

How many of you still wonder why schools are requiring that children learn to write in c...

The Importance of Public Speaking

It may be difficult to fathom but most people fear public speaking over death. Public sp...

Self Esteem Using Limit Settings

As parents we need to spend time on building the self esteem of our children and not ass...
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