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Ask Ms Rennu

Ms Rennu is available to answer questions related to education and children. Parents and students are welcome to send in questions or post their comments and opinions to other questions asked. The secret to success lies in one's ability to be able to express your views clearly, whilst also appreciating another person's view. You may not agree with the thought but you can appreciate their views.


Parent’s Testimonials

"NOT ONLY DOES SHE READ BUT SHE LOVES TO DRAW - When Vibha began your program, she only knew her alphabets. Within a few months she was reading small books. She used to hate to color and draw. Suddenly this is her favorite activity and her creative skills have developed beyond our expectations. To add to all of this, she write beautifully now. What a jump from the alphabet to all of this in a short time!"
Veda Talakad, Fremont CA
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