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What is My Genius Kid?

My Genius Kid is an online portal where students registered at Genius Kids, The Lil' Genius Kid and The Genius Kids Club centers register to access activities from homework, weekly projects, lesson reviews and lots more.Students have the ability to feature their artwork, write blogs, share ideas, videos and photographs. This site is a one-stop shop portal to inspire Genius Kids students to learn together and grow.

Can anyone register at My Genius Kid?

Unfortunately not. This site is available only to students who are currently attending Genius Kids centers. It is not a paid site. It is FREE to Genius Kids students, Once a parent registers at the site, Genius Kids Management will confirm the enrollment with the respective center prior to account activation. Your account remains active as long as you are a GenIus Kid student.

Who is behind the development of My Genius Kid?

My Genius Kid Kid, lik several other portals, is the brain child of the founder, Rennu Dhillon. She has devoted the last 14 years in the field of early education and early intervention, focusing on producing a highly effective, award winning curriculum to develop focus, attention, auditory, language, communication, early phonics & reading skills in young children using interactive, multimedia technology. All her lessons, stories and worksheets have been carefully created and storyboarded herself, with hours of research and testing in the classrooms. Rennu's award winning curriculum was a finalist in the 2009 American Business Awards for "Most Creative Professional". Dhillon has been recognized for her contribution and devotion to early education and received "Outstanding 50 Asian American in Business 2009". Genius Kids learning centers have won several awards & been featured on She is the founder of the national franchise Genius Kids and Win With Words. Recently Genius Kids was selected 26 Best Schools in the World by TV 5 Monde.

How will my child benefit?

Your child will have access to a wide range of subjects from phonics, reading, language, grammar, math, critical thinking skills, science, social studies, literature, public speaking and more. They will develop a love for learning, and begin to excel academically and socially. Instead of just playing computer games, Students will have the chance to listen to stories, watch videos and learn as they attend the Genius Kids centers.

How long does my child have with the site?

Your membership depends on your enrollment at Genius Kids. Once you register, we will confirm your enrollment with the respective center and then activate your account.

Will my computer be able to run the My Genius Kid lessons?

Most recent computer or iPad will be able to run our programs. My Genius Kid online learning programs are delivered directly over the web.? A DSL or faster broadband speed is recommended. My Genius Kid  lessons and site works on most browsers. My Genius Kid  lessons are flash lessons and we recommend that you to get the latest version of Flash if it is not already installed on your computer. The movie lesson formats are viewable on your iPads. You are responsible for making sure that you have adequate equipment and software to use the My Genius Kid  lessons before you purchase any lessons or materials.Homework is downloaded as pdf files.

What should I do if I have trouble logging in?

If you have forgotten your account password, enter your email address on our Forgot Password page and a new password will be emailed to you. ?After logging in with the new password, be sure to change your password on your My Account page

If I have still have trouble or need technical assistance, how do I contact someone? Please send us an email to or call 510-364-4033 (Business Hours 9 am - 6pm PST).

Is my personal information safe?

We take the necessary security measures to protect  all confidential personal information. We also encrypt the information you send us so that it cannot be read while in transit. Read our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your support,
Rennu Dhillon DSc.
Founder-My Genius Kid Online/Genius Kids Development Inc.
Fremont, California, USA



Parent’s Testimonials

"YOUR CURRICULUM IS THE BEST WITHOUT A DOUBT - We are feeling so sad that we won be able to find such an excellent school in San Diego now that we have to move.. Gowri has been with you from past 3 years. We have seen tremendous improvement in reading and even math also. Until few weeks back she did not like math but now math is her favorite subject. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Your curriculum is the best without a doubt! Your school has given her so much love and a wonderful foundation. I can confidently say that no school or center has such a challenging curriculum as Genius Kids!. Gowri will miss her school a lot and most of all, you, her favorite teacher!"
Shubha Anand, San Diego CA
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