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Please email us at or call 510-364-4033 for further assistance and guidance. My Genius Kid is a website for students registered at Genius Kids Center. It is not avaialble to the general public. For any technical support please email

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Parent’s Testimonials

"RENNU CONTINUOUSLY INNOVATES HER WAYS OF TEACHING - Rennu has done a tremendous job in studying, understanding and building the kids profiles from a very early age of just over 1 year to young teens. Rennu has continuously innovated her ways of teaching to different kids based on their levels of understanding and learning. Rennu is known for her full dedication and hard work just to get the kids to next levels of learning, understanding and performance. Rennu is very enterprising, outgoing, and has worked over difficult barriers to get Genius Kids to stand out from the rest of the schools and pose a very good challenge to school chains like Challenger. Rennu understands the business model for kids education very well and example is the having five different Genius Kids schools in the East Bay region. Rennu is always on the look out to push kids to next levels and example are her 1x1 programs with very well known schools like Stanford and John Hopkins. Rennu is a very good role model for Women leadership and Women-Owned Business movement. She is quoted as an example to follow in many circles."
Joshi Family, Union City CA
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