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Genius Kids strives to develop public speaking, confidence and self-esteem in our students. Enjoy these presentation by our various students. Encourage your child to complete their homework Invest in a microphone and karoake at home so that speaking on a microphone becomes second nature to them. Remember, Great Speakers Start at Genius Kids!


Parent’s Testimonials

"HE CARRIES YOUR BOOK AND CD ROM UNDER HIS ARM EVERYWHERE - Ever since Aryan has won your book and CD rom, he carries it with him everywhere under his arm. Today he surprised me and began sounding out words and randomly reading from different pages. He kept saying words like bop, cop, cox, fox, cub, Tom etc. I am so excited that he has developed the love to read. Big Thank you@"
Shiraz Shah, Fremont CA
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Self Esteem Using Limit Settings

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Important of Building Confidence in Children

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