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Genius Kids strives to develop public speaking, confidence and self-esteem in our students. Enjoy these presentation by our various students. Encourage your child to complete their homework Invest in a microphone and karoake at home so that speaking on a microphone becomes second nature to them. Remember, Great Speakers Start at Genius Kids!


Parent’s Testimonials

"YOUR CURRICULUM IS WONDERFUL - We are very thankful to you for all the progress we have seen in Sadhana. This has happened because of your wonderful curriculum, ,worksheets and the reading recipe was one of the best and before joining the genius kids she never had an interest in the drawing or coloring but dramatically she developed lots of interest in both them and we are so amazed of her improvement. Thanks Miss. Rennu!""
Ray and Surya Kumar, Fremont CA
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Developing Self-Esteem in Children

Self-esteem means how much a person values themselves. This is easy to understand when w...

Important of Building Confidence in Children

In today’s world of parenting just raising a child with high academic scores is no...
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