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Genius Kids strives to develop public speaking, confidence and self-esteem in our students. Enjoy these presentation by our various students. Encourage your child to complete their homework Invest in a microphone and karoake at home so that speaking on a microphone becomes second nature to them. Remember, Great Speakers Start at Genius Kids!


Parent’s Testimonials

"HE BLOSSOMED LIKE A FRESH FLOWER IN YOUR GARDEN - Miss Rennu I wanted to thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement & teachers Miss Ashley, Miss Shana(didi) & staff members who are absolutely amazing. Avikalp blossomed like a fresh flower in GK garden. Where do I begin? Probably before my son Avikalp started school & i was looking for a good school and then from a friend i heard nice things about you (Miss Rennu), based on popular opinion, I expected great things this year-- and it happened, What a positive experience it has been , Avikalp always has positive things to say about the class, from storytelling to public speaking on stage. Its comforting to know that not only he is getting a great education, the effect GK have had on him is tremendous! His self-esteem, have shown great improvement. The atmosphere in the school is very much family-oriented. Everyone with whom I came in contact are very friendly and helpful. I found that very comforting - knowing that my son was in the hands of such warm and caring people. We will miss you all a lot. We will always be thankful to you all for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating Avikalp & he will cherish very good memories of GK even when he is grown up"
Prachi Srivastava, Fremont CA
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