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Genius Kids strives to develop public speaking, confidence and self-esteem in our students. Enjoy these presentation by our various students. Encourage your child to complete their homework Invest in a microphone and karoake at home so that speaking on a microphone becomes second nature to them. Remember, Great Speakers Start at Genius Kids!


Parent’s Testimonials

"YOUR CURRICULUM IS THE BEST WITHOUT A DOUBT - We are feeling so sad that we won be able to find such an excellent school in San Diego now that we have to move.. Gowri has been with you from past 3 years. We have seen tremendous improvement in reading and even math also. Until few weeks back she did not like math but now math is her favorite subject. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Your curriculum is the best without a doubt! Your school has given her so much love and a wonderful foundation. I can confidently say that no school or center has such a challenging curriculum as Genius Kids!. Gowri will miss her school a lot and most of all, you, her favorite teacher!"
Shubha Anand, San Diego CA
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The Importance of Public Speaking

It may be difficult to fathom but most people fear public speaking over death. Public sp...

Important of Building Confidence in Children

In today’s world of parenting just raising a child with high academic scores is no...

Developing Self-Esteem in Children

Self-esteem means how much a person values themselves. This is easy to understand when w...
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