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Genius Kids strives to develop public speaking, confidence and self-esteem in our students. Enjoy these presentation by our various students. Encourage your child to complete their homework Invest in a microphone and karoake at home so that speaking on a microphone becomes second nature to them. Remember, Great Speakers Start at Genius Kids!


Parent’s Testimonials

"SHE STRIVES TO EMPOWER EVERY CHILD - "I have not come across anyone more self-driven, self-motivated, and a more enterprising individual than Ms.Rennu. She has an extremely clear vision of what her goals are and works towards them with razor sharp focus. Her commitment towards the cause of kids education is indeed commendable. The genuineness in the purpose shows in the results she consistently achieves. The awards she recently got from the Indian Government other well known Indian organizations are well deserved recognition for someone who has come up through sheer hard work and dedication. When she says she strives to empower every single child she teaches, she truly means it. I have seldom seen teachers that committed. Im sure she is all set to achieve bigger heights." "
Balaji, Fremont CA
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