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My Ideas is a fun way to encourage kids to begin blogging. Blogging teaches students to exercise digital citizenship, while Ms Rennu will monitor all the activity within the My Genius Kid blogging community. By engaging in purposeful writing, students learn to write for their peers, learn to interact with a global network and become responsible and creative. Students develop the love for writing and expand their audience beyond their classrooms.


Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Importance of Public Speaking

July 7, 2015 by Administrator
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It may be difficult to fathom but most people fear public speaking over death. Public speaking means speaking in front of large or small audiences and sometimes even a few people. Public speaking includes giving a formal presentation to your boss or even proposing a toast at a relatives wedding. Many people have this fear which in actual fact is anticipatory fear, which is usually overcome as soon as they stand at the podium. Most of the time, it is not the speaking that causes the fear but the anticipation of the speech that is causing the anxiety. In order to understand how to overcome these fears, we need to first understand what the fears are about.  The 3 major causes for fear a... [ Read full post... ]
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Developing Self-Esteem in Children

July 18, 2015 by Administrator
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Self-esteem means how much a person values themselves. This is easy to understand when we are adults, but how does a child understand the meaning of self-esteem? It begins at home with the parents and family. Developing self-esteem is like building a house from its basic foundation. The parents need to lay each brick piece by piece securing it with strong cement to ensure the house stands tall and strong against all weather conditions. Building a child’s self-esteem is best done by building and developing their strengths and making a child realize how special they are regardless of any weaknesses they may have. After all if you think about it, why do we even refer to anything as ... [ Read full post... ]
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Self Esteem Using Limit Settings

July 20, 2015 by Administrator
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As parents we need to spend time on building the self esteem of our children and not assume that it will come naturally. Self esteem can be a strange and often elusive quality. Children get derailed very easily especially in today’s fast paced competitive world where they need to keep up with others around them, technology and many times very successful high achiever “type” parents. If your child has a low self-esteem or confidence, it is not about what we can say to make them feel better, but more about how we can make the situation better. Building self esteem does not happen overnight and needs to be a conscious, organized and consistent daily exercise to achieve resu... [ Read full post... ]
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