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My Ideas is a fun way to encourage kids to begin blogging. Blogging teaches students to exercise digital citizenship, while Ms Rennu will monitor all the activity within the My Genius Kid blogging community. By engaging in purposeful writing, students learn to write for their peers, learn to interact with a global network and become responsible and creative. Students develop the love for writing and expand their audience beyond their classrooms.


Monthly Archives: May 2015

Important of Building Confidence in Children

May 25, 2015 by Administrator
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In today’s world of parenting just raising a child with high academic scores is not enough. Soft skills, particularly public speaking and communication have become the core life skills that every child needs to have to be successful in their academic, social, personal and professional life. Most adults wait until after college to try and develop these skills. But let’s face it. The best time to develop confidence and clear expressive communication is when your child begins to talk. Children are born with no inhibitions or opinions about themselves, and what they think of themselves comes directly from the comments and feedback they hear from their parents, family members and ... [ Read full post... ]
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