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My Ideas is a fun way to encourage kids to begin blogging. Blogging teaches students to exercise digital citizenship, while Ms Rennu will monitor all the activity within the My Genius Kid blogging community. By engaging in purposeful writing, students learn to write for their peers, learn to interact with a global network and become responsible and creative. Students develop the love for writing and expand their audience beyond their classrooms.


Ideas for the 'Bullying in Schools' Category

How to Prevent or Stop Bullying

August 26, 2015 by Administrator
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How to Prevent or Stop Bullying Other than the most commonly discussed issues of drinking alcohol and consuming drugs, one of the biggest safety issues in schools today is bullying. In some schools this has resulted in the concern for the students safety with police officers being placed on to enhance safety. Bullying can occur in many shapes and forms at school with all ages. Whether we are the parent, the educator, a concerned friend or someone who cares, it is important to address the various steps to stop and prevent bullying. I am going to list a few here and I would like to encourage my students to comment on the blog and share their views and experience on bullying and how this c... [ Read full post... ]
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