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MY DAUGHTER IS LUCKY TO HAVE BEEN UNDER YOUR GUIDANCE - I cannot find the words to express my feelings. My daughter is so lucky to be part of a such a prestigious school and under the guidance of such a experienced person.. I find lot of changes in her... The complete credit goes to you... Wish my hubbys project got extended :( but we have to return back to India. We hope we can be back under your care again!. Thank you for everything you did for Anjne.
Gita Krushna, Los Angeles CA
RENNUS PROGRAMS ARE SCIENTIFIC AND CREATIVE - Karthik was never interested in reading initially. Now, thanks to your wonderful programs, he wants to read all the time. He makes attempts to read more difficult words and your creative and scientific approach is fabulous. It has stimulated an interest in Karthik to learn music, poems, story telling, coloring, and he wants to perform on stage. Most of all what a difference in his attention span and ability to follow instructions. Thank you Miss. Rennu for all the wonderful success we have experienced with your programs.
Annapurani Ramanathan, Hyderbad India
READING BYTHE AGE OF 2 - WOW! - Ashni mastered her alphabet sounds and letters right after she began your program and by the age of 2, sh was starting to blend letters and read words. Interestingly she was also able to spell 3 character words which was wonderful. Full CREDIT goes to you! Now Ashni is expressing an interest in increasing her vocabulary and has become more social, independent and confident. Your program helped open up her shy personality.
Ketki Mathuria, Fremont CA
BLAISE HAS DEVELOPED A LOVE TO LEARNIING THANKS TO YOUR PROGRAMS - Rennus program made learning fun and easy developing great study habits. Blaise loves to read now. Her program integrates math, science, art and music and this unique combination develops a well rounded student. Blaise has overcome his speech delay and does not require any special speech therapy classes. He has overcome a fear towards learning and I have seen his confidence level increase with each new challenge. I wish I had known about your programs earlier.
Gina Stanfield, Union City CA
IN ONE YEAR HIS VOCABULARY INCREASED FROM 2 WORDS TO 250+ WORDS - Govind was a quiet shy kid with a vocabulary of 2-3 words in English. In about 1 year with your program, his vocabulary increased to 250+ words. Best of all, he was having fun and is now a confident child who loves to read. We are delighted with this transformation. We are so glad that he has a wonderful teacher and program like yours.
Govind Ramgopal, Union City CA
THANKS TO YOUR PROGRAM HE PASSED HIS READING TESTS - I am thrilled to share with you that Kurtiss teacher told me that he finished his test first. The New Have School District uses the DRA Direct Reading Assessment. The students have to read a leveled book and then retell the story in their own words. Kurtis tested at his grade level finally and I am so thankful to your program for the improvement in reading and comprehension in such a short time.
Neena Baretto, Union City CA
THE AUDIO VISUALS OF THE PROGRAMS ARE EXCELLENT , FUN AND EASY - The best thing about Rennus Reading Recipe is the audio visual medium which is very effective and makes learning phonics and reading fun and easy. The brain begins to learn quietly and actively and suddenly your child loves to read. Best of all, this builds communication skills, speech fluency and confidence in children. Sanjana grew by leaps and bounds and her personality has made a definite impression of what she is learning from the program.
Priya Raman, Fremont CA
RENNU HAS THE DISTINCT STYLE COUPLED WITH AN AMZING TOUCH WITH KIDS - Rennu and her programs are distinct and unique. Her teaching instructions engage the kids and coupled with the unique methodology of working with kids, she makes the most mundane tasks fun and joyful for children. Her regimen develops focus, attention and both my son and daughter progressed immensely.
Yogesh and Monika Chugh, Fremont CA

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