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SHE SKIPPED KIINDERGARTEN AND IS TOP OF HER CLASS - Amber was 3.5 years old and could not speak or understand English and was very shy. Your phonics program is excellent. She mastered her sounds and began blending letters, reading almost anything that was in front of her, even the most difficult words. Because she was so young at reading, her confidence built up and she skipped K and was promoted to1st grade. Even today she is the top student in her class and her reading, comprehension and writing skills are excellent. She now assists teachers to mentor other slow readers in class. Your program created a leader in her too!
Esperanzo Fergoso, Marin County CA
RENNUS PROGRAMS ARE HIGHLY EFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE - Thanks to your programs, Rahul was reading by the time he was 2 years 4 months old. Your program is simple and easy, guiding the child in blending, vocabulary and pronunciation. Rahul has become a superb reader - your motto "Never 2 Little 2 Learn" proves beyond a doubt!
Prashanth and Vaishali Joshi, Union City CA
YOUR PROGRAM IS EASY AND WELL ORGANIZED - Rennus Reading recipe has an amazing way of teaching kids to develop a love and interest for reading. My child was reading in less than a month by the age of 2 years 3 months old. The programs are methodical and well organized without adding any pressure to kids. I am thrilled that I gave the Gift of a lifetime to my child. My daughter reads Sanskrit words in English - Hats off to you!
Abirami Ravishankar, Chennai India
NOT ONLY DOES SHE READ BUT SHE LOVES TO DRAW - When Vibha began your program, she only knew her alphabets. Within a few months she was reading small books. She used to hate to color and draw. Suddenly this is her favorite activity and her creative skills have developed beyond our expectations. To add to all of this, she write beautifully now. What a jump from the alphabet to all of this in a short time!
Veda Talakad, Fremont CA
SHE SAYS MISS. RENNU MADE ME THE SMARTEST KID IN CLASS - When she began your program, she only knew the alphabet. In 60 days she was reading and writing sentences, and by Christmas (3 months) she was writing letter to Santa Claus and her grandmother in India! Your recipes are a perfect 10 and thanks to your program, Lalitha has a strong foundation in reading and a passion for books and learning. She now proudly says, "MIss. Rennu did such a fantastic job that I am the smartest kid in my entire class!"
Prasuna Avala, Fremont CA
IN 5 WEEKS HE WAS READING AND WRITING - He was 6 and hated reading and writing. In 5 weeks he began to read and write fluently. Your program gave him the confidence he needed and recognized his full potential. He is now reading chapter books - FULL CREDIT TO YOU!
Chaya Srinivasan, Fremont CA
HIS FAVORITE PLACE IS NOW THE LIBRARY - Miss. Rennus Phonics and Reading program are the best and have made a huge difference in Yash. He is reading words with ease and tried to break big words phonetically. His favorite place used to be TOYS R US and now it is the library! Rennus programs have made a huge difference in our lives and his future.
Arthi Pednekar, New Jersey NJ
RENNUS READING PROGRAM WORKS - JUST FANTASTIC! - Unbelievable! I am so excited that both my kids have benefited from your program. Our friends are shocked when they meet our children. Most kids don begin reading until K, and I am so thrilled that both my kids can read and write fluently. I brag about it wherever I go. The best thing about your recipes is that KIDS LOVE THEM AND ARE EXCITED TO LEARN!
Barbara and Ted Toribio, Sacremento CA

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