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I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION PLACING MY KIDS IN RENNUS CARE - "As they say you need a lamp to light a lamp ? similarly, you need a genius to make more geniuses. Ms. Rennu is a dynamic personality with intelligence to back it up and a desire and heart to serve the public. Ms. Rennu, with her Genius Kids Venture is actually playing a very important role in building top notch citizens and in turn doing her part towards building an educated modern society. I can go on and on giving examples of how my children excelled under her guidance ? but I can sum it up in short that ? early up in my kids? career, this is one right decision I took about enlisting them at Genius Kids ? more so, under the direction of Ms. Rennu."
Sarosh Patel, Fremont CA
SHE BELIEVES IN BUILDING SELF ESTEEM IN EVERY CHILD - "Rennu has been a good friend of mine for many years. I was most impressed by her character and style when she asked me to judge a public speaking contest she had for children of various ages. Youngest was 3!! She put together this event on a Sunday, I asked her as to why she is taking upon an event which in no way benefits her personally. Her reply was to build self esteem and confidence in the kids so that they will not have fear of public speaking in there lifes and careers down the road. The biggest fear one has besides sickness and death is public speaking for Rennu to start kids so early is training them when they are open to learning. This had a huge impact on me, she is passionate about what she does and has a great vision for the kids in her school."
Rekha Gupta, San Jose CA
HER ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS - "Rennu is a personality I admire and she is an excellent example for my children as she is dynamic, creative and fun loving. Her enthusiasm is contagious and my children have learned to participate in all activities with great confidence."
Kavitha Jha, Fremont CA
RENNU HAS DEDICATED HER LIFE TO THIS DREAM AOF EDUCATION - "Rennu is a hard working dedicated individual! She has a great deal of integrity, is honest and sincere. I admire her drive for excellence in all aspects of her business. I know I can count on her to go above and beyond what she sets out to do!! She has dedicated her life to this dream and has made it a reality."
Barbara and Ted Toribio, Sacremento CA
SHE STRIVES TO EMPOWER EVERY CHILD - "I have not come across anyone more self-driven, self-motivated, and a more enterprising individual than Ms.Rennu. She has an extremely clear vision of what her goals are and works towards them with razor sharp focus. Her commitment towards the cause of kids education is indeed commendable. The genuineness in the purpose shows in the results she consistently achieves. The awards she recently got from the Indian Government other well known Indian organizations are well deserved recognition for someone who has come up through sheer hard work and dedication. When she says she strives to empower every single child she teaches, she truly means it. I have seldom seen teachers that committed. Im sure she is all set to achieve bigger heights."
Balaji, Fremont CA
"RAHUL WAS THE ONLY ONE ABLE TO READ FLUENTLY" - "Rahul received a "Pizza Certificate" from his school principal today for reading "at least 10 books". Out of 28 people in the class, Rahul was able to fluently read the English without any problems. He wanted to read more but we had to stop him there. Once again, we are thankful to the strong foundation laid by you & Genuis Kids. Just wanted to share this news with you. "
Sushma Allamraju, Fremont CA
"I KNOW MY CHILD IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE WITH YOU" - "Thanks for having the new parents orientation again for parents like me who were not able to make it to the earlier one. Thank you or taking the challenge to form Genius Kids and offer an alternative to Challenger and Stratford.When I sat and watched you demonstrate your teaching method with the interactive touch screen technology and heard your views about the need to inculcate a positive attitude and etiquette in our little geniuses, I knew my child was in the right hands! I will do my best to reinforce all your efforts with Akul at home .I have also recommended you highly to many other parents sharing similar values and concerns."
Dr. Anu Sharma, DDS, Fremont CA
MY 2 YEAR OLD WAS ABLE TO SPEAK ON THE MIKE" - We were at a diwali party at a friends house and every child was to perform something. and our little genius (out of now where) went ahead said the Twinkle Twinkle little star and the Itsy Bitsy spider poem in the mike in front of 30 people with all the confidence. It made everyone surprise how a 2yrs old was able to speak in the mike so well. He made us feel so proud (like always) and i have to thank you and the entire staff of Genius Kids/ Toto Station for the hard work and the confidence being built in Arnav and in every child coming there.
Aarti Gulani, Fremont CA

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