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RENNUS READING RECIPE ARE A PERFECT 10! WONDERUL PROGRAM - Thanks to your reading recipes, Shaunak began reading at 2 years old. Your program is excellent and gives a child a perfect direction and guidance to be a successful individual. His reading abilities and confidence have soared and he is excelling in school.
Priyanka Kulkarni, Fremont CA
HE CARRIES YOUR BOOK AND CD ROM UNDER HIS ARM EVERYWHERE - Ever since Aryan has won your book and CD rom, he carries it with him everywhere under his arm. Today he surprised me and began sounding out words and randomly reading from different pages. He kept saying words like bop, cop, cox, fox, cub, Tom etc. I am so excited that he has developed the love to read. Big Thank you@
Shiraz Shah, Fremont CA
WITHIN A FEW WEEKS SHE HAD IMPROVED SO MUCH - There is no comparison to your programs and we truly believe that you are the best. Our child Shreya has learned that she can strive for the stars and that anything is possible. We are stunned at what she is now capable of doing and we wish you all the luck. Shreya now loves to work hard, believes she can learn and do anything and wants to try the Math Olympiad next year! Your creative writing and public speaking programs are invaluable!
Nithya Balaji, Fremont CA
LEARNED SO MUCH FROM YOUR PHONICS AND READING PROGRAMS - We are now in Singapore and I wanted to let you know that Isha is excelling. She has learned so much from your phonics and reading program and is now reading before age 3. Thanks to your program, she has developed a keen interest in reading, is more confident and disciplined. Thank you Ms. Rennu for giving Isha the gift of reading.
Shweta Lamba, Pleasanton CA
HE SPENDS HOURS READING ENCYCLOPEDIAS - Thanks to your excellent teaching methods and Rennus Reading Recipe, Varun is phonetically so strong and reading fluently. His vocabulary has improved tremendously with the knowledge imparted from your teaching recipes, and he spends hours reading Encyclopedias.
Sujatha Iyer, Fremont CA
THEIR STORIES WERE SELECTED IN THE FUSD COMPETITION - I am sure you will be proud to know that both Pranav and Pavithras stories were selected in the finals for the FUSD (Fremont Unified School District) story writing contest. Thank you for all your efforts and excellent curriculum and foundation instilled in both my ids. Thanks to you Pranav loves Science and is still a prodigy in Astronomy.
Raji Nagarajan, Fremont CA
LORI HAS WOWED ALL OUR FRIENDS WITH HER READING ABILITIES - I want to thank you for everything you did for Lori. She has wowed all our friends with her reading abilities, and one of our friends regretted he did not take advantage of your programs and was putting his wife to task for not getting their child to read. Loris motor skills are also far advanced than that of her peers. Her time with you and your programs have made her a STAR!
Vidya Pradhan, Editor Water No Ice
TEACHER IS AMAZED AT THEIR READING AND COMPREHENSION SKILLS - it was the twins first day in Kindergarten today and they were more prepared for school than expected. Last week in their Kindergarten assessments, the teacher had them read some logical questions. She was amazed at their reading and thinking skills and said that my twins were years ahead of kindergarten. Thank you to your wonderful teaching methods and programs for giving them such a solid foundation.
Chithra Karunakaran, India

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