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HE BLOSSOMED LIKE A FRESH FLOWER IN YOUR GARDEN - Miss Rennu I wanted to thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement & teachers Miss Ashley, Miss Shana(didi) & staff members who are absolutely amazing. Avikalp blossomed like a fresh flower in GK garden. Where do I begin? Probably before my son Avikalp started school & i was looking for a good school and then from a friend i heard nice things about you (Miss Rennu), based on popular opinion, I expected great things this year-- and it happened, What a positive experience it has been , Avikalp always has positive things to say about the class, from storytelling to public speaking on stage. Its comforting to know that not only he is getting a great education, the effect GK have had on him is tremendous! His self-esteem, have shown great improvement. The atmosphere in the school is very much family-oriented. Everyone with whom I came in contact are very friendly and helpful. I found that very comforting - knowing that my son was in the hands of such warm and caring people. We will miss you all a lot. We will always be thankful to you all for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating Avikalp & he will cherish very good memories of GK even when he is grown up
Prachi Srivastava, Fremont CA
EVERYONE WAS AMAZED WITH RACHANAS VOCABULARY SKILLS - We are very much enjoying our vacation in India. My parents are so happy and pleased seeing what Rachana can dad was mentioning to me that even in SSLC, he did not have that much vocabulary skills that Rachana has!! Rachana also pointed out some of the silent letters in some words....they are all amazed!!! Genius Kids rocks!!"
Shubha Aithal, Fremont CA
SHE LOVES LISTENING TO STORIES AT YOUR WEBSITE - For last three days, Prati is having so much fun visiting your websites and listening to your stories. She wanted to tell us the full story of The Ant and the Dove and we thought we would record the whole story as she tells it. We did it and it turned out to be really good. She loves to listen to her recorded voice. We really noticed the great impact of letting her use a microphone :). We have notice so much improvement in less than 1 week with your curriculum. Thank you.
Pranav and Teena Mehta, San Jose CA
MISS.RENNU YOUR VOICE IS MESMERIZING AND KIDS ARE BOUND TO IT - We wanted to share our thoughts about MissRennuOnline. It is a very well organized and the individual public speaking and spring/winter fest videos are very thoughtful . Best of all is The Magnificent Palace story. Out son is not even two years old yet and he is used to laptop since birth. But his perspective about the laptop has changed after seeing Meena and Ming story online. Nowdays, when he sees the laptop, he says Meena and keeps asking us to put the story on again and again. It has a very huge impact and very high potential in teaching kids about all the great stuff. We can conclude this without mentioning about the radio. All the stories and poems are very good and energizing to start every day with a notch. Your voice is so mesmerizing to the kids and they are really bound to it. They are listening to it and understanding what is being said. Overall, we are really happy with MissRennuOnline and Genius Kids.
Anu Ganapathy, Fremont CA
RENNU CONTINUOUSLY INNOVATES HER WAYS OF TEACHING - Rennu has done a tremendous job in studying, understanding and building the kids profiles from a very early age of just over 1 year to young teens. Rennu has continuously innovated her ways of teaching to different kids based on their levels of understanding and learning. Rennu is known for her full dedication and hard work just to get the kids to next levels of learning, understanding and performance. Rennu is very enterprising, outgoing, and has worked over difficult barriers to get Genius Kids to stand out from the rest of the schools and pose a very good challenge to school chains like Challenger. Rennu understands the business model for kids education very well and example is the having five different Genius Kids schools in the East Bay region. Rennu is always on the look out to push kids to next levels and example are her 1x1 programs with very well known schools like Stanford and John Hopkins. Rennu is a very good role model for Women leadership and Women-Owned Business movement. She is quoted as an example to follow in many circles.
Joshi Family, Union City CA
YOUR CENTER HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE PRESCHOOL - Its been pleasure sending Rohan to Genius Kids. Thanks to you and your staff for not only building confidence in Rohan but also to motivating him to participate in all kind of activities.Genius Kids has always been my favorite Pre-school and will always remain.All the very best for your future endeavors
Sonia Nigam, Fremont CA
APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS IN CREATING LITTLEM GENIUSES - Sasha and we really enjoyed Genius Kids, she loves all her teachers. She will definitely miss this school. She has learned a lot in her one and half years in this school. I was amazed yesterday when I saw her write up to letter J. I did not know she was able to write so many letters, since she had just started tracing letters. I appreciate your efforts in creating little geniuses
Geeta Hiremath, Fremont CA
YOUR CURRICULUM IS THE BEST WITHOUT A DOUBT - We are feeling so sad that we won be able to find such an excellent school in San Diego now that we have to move.. Gowri has been with you from past 3 years. We have seen tremendous improvement in reading and even math also. Until few weeks back she did not like math but now math is her favorite subject. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Your curriculum is the best without a doubt! Your school has given her so much love and a wonderful foundation. I can confidently say that no school or center has such a challenging curriculum as Genius Kids!. Gowri will miss her school a lot and most of all, you, her favorite teacher!
Shubha Anand, San Diego CA

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