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" 22 MONTHS AND KNOWS HIS PHONETIC SOUNDS" - "Thanks a lot Miss Rennu! Also thanks to Ms. Kay and his class ! It is great to see our little genius Pranava (22 months) doing alphabets, numbers and shapes! We wanted to thank for the wonderful program that you have and how it helps in the development of child. Thanks again for all the contributions in our chillds development! Baby Genius is wonderful!"
Jyothi Shetty, Fremont CA
WE THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE MODE OF TEACHING FOR BABY GENIUS" - "Achal was a student of Baby Genius. We thoroughly enjoyed the mode of teaching where children learn while playing and they enjoy every bit of their time in class. The staff make really intimate relations with each child focusing on each child as an individual with full determination. My child loved Miss. Rennus time the most plus everything else. We have moved out of state and my son still misses Ms. Kay and the apple juice time called Aunty R Juice. He became more confident, inquisitive, very social and cheerful and quite the extrovert. Thanks to all the staff of Genius Kids for a wonderful time!
Achal and Prabhakar Goel, Fremont CA
"I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED BY HER CONFIDENCE" - "In two weeks, Vasuda has breezed through KG & First-Grade of the Stanford EPGY Math Program for K-2 kids. She took the First Grade test last night and scored 100% and is now moving on to the 2nd grade. Wanted to thank you both and all the staff of Genius Kids and Toto Station to whom we owe most of the credit. More than the 100%, I was really impressed by the confidence with which she answers the questions thanks to the strong foundation she has gotten working with you both."
Bharath and Nalini Vaidyanatha, Union City CA
"YOU HAVE MADE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY" - "Rahul was an amazing speaker for his age . He had great amount of Confidence , Clear Communication, Smile on his face and captivated the audience. Rahul Spoke very well. He is lucky to have gone through your classes . Excellent !! You are having a big positive impact on the community and creating future leaders !!!.
Ajay Bhutoria, Fremont CA
"ISHA HAS AMAZING CONFIDENCE ALL THANKS TO YOU!" - Isha has been developed by Genius kids since she was 2 1/2 years old. The credit for her progress goes to you. She has amazing confidence and she has developed liking for dancing and singing songs because of your winter and spring programs. Your teaching program has helped her a great way in her academic progress. She and we all will miss Genius Kids. It was a pleasure to talk with you and your wonderful teachers. We wish Genius kids a great continued success and hope our kids will participate in your wonderful programs in future
Madhavi Kale, Fremont CA
"ALL DUE TO YOUR EFFORTS AND CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT" - "I wanted to thank you personally for getting this TV appearance opportunity for Viraj. Deepti told me that the shoot was a bit delayed and Viraj was a bit tired by the time it was shot but none the less, he was super exited and can stop talking about his show till now. Even our extended family in India is simply elated on his TV appearance. I can wait to see the show on Sony myself. This all materialized due to your efforts and constant encouragement. This show has boosted his confidence immensely and I can thank you enough for that. Please watch out for any such further opportunities for Viraj to speak or act in shows. He seems to have a natural talent for public speaking, presentation and acting and I would very much like to hone it even further. Thanks again for all your help and continued support."
Nisheet and Deepti Verma, Fremont CA
YOUR CURRICULUM IS WONDERFUL - We are very thankful to you for all the progress we have seen in Sadhana. This has happened because of your wonderful curriculum, ,worksheets and the reading recipe was one of the best and before joining the genius kids she never had an interest in the drawing or coloring but dramatically she developed lots of interest in both them and we are so amazed of her improvement. Thanks Miss. Rennu!"
Ray and Surya Kumar, Fremont CA
SIMPLY AMAZED WITH HIS CONFIDENCE AND DIALOGUE DELIVERY - As you are aware, we now have a new radio channel - KLOK 1170 AM. Rahul had an opportunity to speak on the radio yesterday between 12 to 2 pm. For sure he was the youngest kid in the group but he was the only one who was able to answer in full sentences. He was given 7 minutes and he said his name, sang some Slokas, Gandhis quote (the same one) and a small Krishna story in the end. The folks in the room were simply amazed with his confidence, dialogue delivery and his ability to answer their questions in full sentences . We have to admit that its all because of the foundation (public speak, stage shows, winter fest etc...) laid by GeniusKids that Rahul was able to present confidently on the radio.. Im sure this is a great beginning for Rahul during his Pre-K days. Hats off to you!!!!
Sushma Allamraju, Fremont CA

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