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YOUR HAVE BEEN INSTRUEMENTAL IN OUR DAUGHTERS FOUNDATION - We believe that the first 10 years of a child are truly instrumental in their foundation and future direction. Your teaching methods, principles and guidance have instilled the foundation in Sakhee. What she has received from you will be key to her success in life. We hope that your noble deed of educating children continues to spread worldwide and wish you all the success.
Parekh Family, Fremont CA
I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE GIFT OF LEARNING YOU HAVE GIVEN HIM - I am overwhelmed with praises from Zains teachers about what a phenomenal reader he is and how articulate he is. He is doing so well academically and socially and at such a young age excelling in double digit addition, subtraction. His reading and comprehension skills are beyond age expectations. THANK YOU MS. RENNU for the Gift and Love of Learning you have instilled in him.
Jaya Maharaj, Saratoga, CA
RAHUL CANNOT WAIT TO LISTEN TO YOUR ONLINE STORIES - Your learning programs are so well organized and full of fun for kids. Rahul began reading before the age of 3. He just loves Ms. Rennu and her energy and enthusiasm. Your online radio programs and stories are fantastic and Rahul used to beg me to log on and listen to your voice every day.
Hema Mistry, Mumbai India
YOUR PROGRAMS IMBIBE LEARNING THROUGH A PRACTICAL APPROACH - We had just moved from India. Your unique programs resulted in my child learning to read, and write confidently, developed amazing vocabulary and math skills, with amazing confidence in public speaking. Your teaching methods and programs, and your centers imbibe learning through a practical approach. We loved your weekly projects and poems.
Sriram Satakopam, Fremont CA
YOUR LEARNING PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED INGENIOUSLY - Within 2-3 months, my child was reading fluently, speaking fluently, excelling in math, drawing and developed confidence and excellent manners. Your learning programs are designed ingeniously to help kids perform better and excel in all areas of academics, personality and socially.
Sankara Narayan, Fremont CA
JUST AMAZED AT HOW MEGHAN KNOWS HER READING WORDS AND VOCABULARY SO EASILY - Meghan did not know how to read. In no time she excelled in phonics, developed confidence and a memory to remember challenging vocabulary words. Rennus passion towards her work and education are a true dedication to the success of her teaching programs. I cannot think of anyone else who is so dedicated to the success of her students. The programs and methodology are THE BEST FOR KIDS!
Praveen Singh, Fremont CA
IN ONE LESS THAN ONE YEAR SOPHIE WAS READING BOOKS FLUENTLY - When Sophie started with your program she could not speak, read or write English. She now communicates freely and confidently in English, has developed impeccable writing skills, is bold, open and social and overcome all fear of public speaking. Your comprehensive learning methods are highly effective and Sophie love Ms. Rennu the most!
Haiyan Wang, Union City CA
YOUR PHONICS LESSON IS SIMPLE AND WORKSHEETS UNIQUE - Albert, who used to speak only Chinese, speaks English fluently now, can read and write fluently and even do multiplication. Your phonics and reading program is simple and easy. I loved the different projects, worksheets, exercises and activities with each lesson which stimulate the kids learning passion. I have to say that your programs and teaching methods stimulate the brains of kids.
Bingyi Pei, Union City CA

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