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RENNU BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN EVERY CHILD - "Rennu runs Genius Kids, an award winning preschool in Fremont, CA. Time and time again she has amazed me with her superlative work ethics and truly inventive ideas to get kids as old as 2years old to read! My kids loved and still love going to Genius Kids and she truly does bring out the best in each child. Also, I have never met anyone more hardworking than her in my life!"
Nitya Balaji, Fremont, CA
SHE STANDS APART FROM THE TEACHERS IN THIS COUNTRY - "Rennu Dhillon affectionately known as Ms. Rennu had a strong influence on us a parents and more importantly as a Teacher to My Daughter. As said, Effective communication is a short cut to distinction, she was an Instant Teacher and a Role Model to my daughter. I have witnessed cubs becoming Lions. Her energy, punctuality and a willingness to make things better STANDS apart from the teachers I have known so far in this Country. "
Raj Bagepalli, San Ramon, CA
I am just amazed by her public speaking skills. I have noticed her improvement in such short period of time. Words fail me. Gabby can answer most of the questions in full sentences. I cant put my thoughts or feelings into words, especially because of surprise, like when she showed up on the stage and answered all the questions in such a disciplined way. Thank you so much Miss Rennu. Thank you so much for your big heart. Genius Kids Rock!! I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to your great support and encouragement to bring Gabriella up to speed. Thanks for the great efforts and patience. A big thank you to you all at Genius Kids. As always, thank you so much for your wonderful support and great assistance. Special thanks to what you did to Gabriella. Gabriella loves Genius Kids and Miss Rennu!
Joanna Wong, Fremont CA
RENNU IS OPEN TO NEW IDEAS - "Rennu, as the founder of the Genius Kids program, was my daughters teacher when my child was in preschool. Rennu has a deep knowledge of preschool education and the potential of kids. She has successfully coached and coaxed very young kids to be comfortable on stage and is justifiably proud of her ability to get extremely young kids to read. She is also a very dynamic personality always pushing herself to excel and diversify. No-nonsense and straightforward, Rennu is always open to new ideas and is extremely supportive of organizations in the community. She is also active in the non-profit world and has communicated her values of compassion and caring very well to her two daughters as well."
Vidya Pradhan, Editor Water No Ice
Miss Rennu, I really appreciate your public speaking curriculum. Because of your public speaking curriculum I got 100% on my famous person speech at my school. Thanks a lot for everything!
Arthi Seetharaman, Fremont, California
SHE SHAPES OUR KIDS TO BECOME FREE THINKERS - "We had enrolled our oldest son at Genius Kids and the results were unbelievable. Ms. Rennu has a curriculum that is fun for the kids as well as touches on Math, reading and above all Public Speaking. Ayaan cannot wait to get on stage and present and the results were wonderful. She is very creative and knows what is required in this world and shapes our kids to become free thinkers and confident every step of the way"
Sapan and Sehba Shah, Pleasanton CA

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